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 The Gateway to Corpus Linguistics provides a comprehensive overview of corpus linguistic materials presented on the internet for academic and non-academic purposes. The internet is a great source for corpus linguistic and related research. Sometimes it is quite difficult and time-consuming to find what you are looking for. 

This site is presents a platform for anybody who is interested in corpus linguistics and wants to find out more about it. It does in no way claim to be complete. If you know of any web sites that you think should be included, please let us know.

As for my person, my name is Yvonne Breyer and I am a student at the English, German and Modern History Departments at the University of Essen in Germany. I am just finishing an MA degree with the main focus on Corpus Linguistics - no surprise here.   I have also studied at the University of Bangor, Wales, UK and the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

In case you would like to contact me or comment on this web page simply email me.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated since it will help me to further improve this site and will also allow me to keep you informed on future updates. Thanks!

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